Standard Phraseology for Tower positions

Runway operations


English Romanian
CALLSIGN wind xxx/xx knots, runway RWY, cleared for take-off. CALLSIGN vânt xxx/xx noduri, pista RWY, autorizez decolarea.


English Romanian
CALLSIGN wind xxx/xx knots, runway RWY, cleared to land. CALLSIGN vânt xxx/xx noduri, pista RWY, autorizez aterizarea.

Flights in Control Zone

Enter controlled airspace

English Romanian
CALLSIGN, clear to enter controlled airspace via WPY, maintain ALT feet by QNH xxxx, (+ other info). CALLSIGN, autorizez intrarea în spațiu aerian controlat via WPY, menținenți ALT picioare după QNH xxxx (+ și alte informații).

Observation: Other information relates to the runway in service of the main airport in the area or of other aircraft flying in the area.

Exit controlled airspace

English Romanian
CALLSIGN, clear to exit controlled airspace, respect VFR traffic rules, assume own separation, contact FIC ... CALLSIGN, autorizez ieșirea din spațiu aerian controlat, mențineți regulile zborului la vedere, navigația proprie și contacți Cetrul de Informare al Zborului pe ...

Traffic pattern

Theoretical notions

  • upwind: after departure on runway heading
  • crosswind: first left/right 90 degrees turn
  • downwind: parallel heading with runway heading, but opposite direction
  • base: the third turn, perpendicular to the final track of the runway
  • final: the last leg on traffic pattern, while the pilot has the runway at 12 o'clock, before landing

In Romanian, these turns are named after the intersection that is formed between each two turns, as follows:

  • virajul 1 (între upwind și crosswind)
  • virajul 2 (între crosswind și downwind)
  • virajul 3 (între downwind și base) // bază
  • virajul 4 (între base și final) // finală


English Romanian
CALLSIGN clear left/right crosswind runway RWY, report ready for downwind. CALLSIGN autorizez virajul 1 pe stânga/dreapta pista RWY, raportați gata pentru virajul 2.

Observation: TWR may authorize each turn, but may authorize first two turns at once:

English Romanian
CALLSIGN clear left downwind runway RWY, report intention. CALLSIGN autorizez virajul 2 pista RWY, raportați intenții.

Observation: Intention reporting is asked before the base turn.

Observation: Base and final turn clearances are mandatory.

English Romanian
CALLSIGN clear base and final runway RWY, report on final. CALLSIGN autorizez baza și finala pista RWY, raportați pe finală.

With the intention for landing

Observation: The initial approach to the runway for landing is made at an angle of 45 degrees on the direction of second turn (downwind).

English Romanian
CALLSIGN join left/right downwind for runway RWY, expect base turn. CALLSIGN aprob intrarea în virajul 2, pe partea stângă/dreaptă, pista RWY, așteptați baza.

Landing types

English Romanian
full stop landing aterizare (cu oprire)
touch and go aterizare cu decolare în continuare
touch stop and go aterizare cu oprire și decolare în continuare
low pass trecere joasă

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