Engine or APU on fire

May result in

  • abandoned take-off

  • engine failure

  • smoke or fire in the cockpit

  • emergency landing


  • heavy workload in cockpit

  • engine shutdown / fire extinguishing

Aircarft on the ground

  • hot brakes

  • passenger evacuation

  • RWY blocked

Aircraft in the air

  • pressurisation problems

  • aircrafts loosing altitude

  • landing next suitable airport

  • possible diversionary or forced landing (for single engine aircrafts)


A 'Acknowledge' - S 'Separate' - S 'Silence' - I 'Inform' - S 'Support - T 'Time'

  • ask if dangerous goods on board

  • ask for number of POB

  • inform landing airport

  • clear RWY according to local procedures and instructions

  • keep safety strip clear

  • in case of diversionary or forced landing, record last known position and time

If needed, inform pilot about

  • next suitable airport

  • airport details as soon as possible

  • weather infomation of landing airport

  • observed fire and/or smoke

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