Communication failure



  • squawk 7600

  • continue in VMC

  • land at nearest suitable airport


  • squawk 7600

  • maintain last assigned speed and level for 7 minutes OR minimum flight level, if the minimum flight altitude is heigher than the last assigned level

  • if being radar vectored or proceeding offset according to RNAV without a specified limit, proceed in the most direct manner possible to rejoin the CPL no later than the next significant point, taking into consideration the applicable minimum flight altitude

  • the aircraft will proceed to the designated navigational aid serving the destination aerodrome and hold until commencement of descend.

  • commence descend at, or as close as possible to the EAT last received and acknowledged, OR if not EAT received and acknowledged, commence descend at or as close as possible to, the ETA resulting from CPL

  • complete a normal instrument approach procedure as specified for the designated navigation aid

  • land, if possible, withinh 30 minutes after the ETA specified, OR within 30 minutes of the last acknowledged expected approach time, whichever is later.


A 'Acknowledge' - S 'Separate' - S 'Silence' - I 'Inform' - S 'Support - T 'Time'

  • failure of transmitter or receiver only

  • possible relay by other stations?

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