Emergency descend


  • descend without warning

  • poor or no RTF due to oxygen mask

If able, aicraft will

  • initiate a turn away from the assigned route or track before commencing the emergency descend

  • advise the appropriate ATC unit as soon as possible of the emergency descend

  • set transponder to code 7700 and select the emergency mode on CPDLC system, if applicable

  • turn on aircraft exterior lights

  • watch for conflicting traffic both visually and by reference to aircrafts

  • coordinate its furthe intentions with the approapiate ATC unit


A 'Acknowledge' - S 'Separate' - S 'Silence' - I 'Inform' - S 'Support - T 'Time'

  • acknowledge emergency on RTF

  • take all necessary action to safeguard all aircraft concerned

  • may be required to suggest a heading, state the minimum altitude or to provide separation

  • after emergency descend, request informations:

    • diversion

    • injuries

    • aircraft damage

  • consider aircraft still to be in an emergency situation

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