LRAR - Arad Airport


Arad Airport, while being an international one, is not an airport regularly operated by any of the commercial airlines. However, the airport is an important point in air navigation service as it is a provider for control in TMA Arad and soon for the first Virtual Tower in the country.


Login Call sign CID Call sign Frequency
LRAR_TWR TAR Arad Tower 118.230
LRAR_APP APA Arad Approach 123.530
LRBB_L_CTR LOM Bucharest Radar 122.030

Area of Responsibility

TWR is responsible for air traffic service on runway 09/27 and Arad Control Zone, taxiways and aprons. TWR issues clearances, both IFR and VFR.

APP is responsible for air traffic service in TMA ARAD, classified as Class C Airspace, where both IFR and VFR are allowed to fly.

Area charts

Runway operations

The airport has one runway: 09/27.

Config Runway Config Preferred
1 27 DEP/09 ARR YES
Runways 09 27
Heading 090 270
Length 2000 m 2000 m


Both RNAV and conventional SIDs are available, but RNAV are highly recommended. Non standard departure shall be coordinated with the APP unit.


Departing and arrived traffic shall be instructed to follow standard taxi routes.

Arrival Information:

  • RWY 27: After landing backtrack, report RWY vacated and taxi via TWY A to APRON.
  • RWY 09: After landing report RWY vacated and taxi via TWY A to APRON.

Departure Information:

  • RWY 27: Taxi via TWY A to holding position runway 27
  • RWY 09: Taxi via TWY A, enter, backtrack RWY

Stand assignments

APRON Stand Aircraft
APRON 2 1-2 Wingspan < 36 m (Code C)
APRON 1 3-5 Wingspan < 24 m (Code B)
5 Helicopter, GA


Runway 27 is equipped with ILS and is approved for CAT II (RVR greater than 350 m) operations. Runway 27 is approved for LVTO.

Traffic regulation

CTR Arad is classified as Class C Airspace where both IFR and VFR are allowed to enter.

CTR Arad lower limit is the ground level and the upper limit is 2500 ft AMSL (by QNH).

VFR traffic circuits are allowed at min 1100 ft AMSL (by QNH). VFR traffic could be cleared to climb in TMA only by the APP unit. Coordination between TWR and APP units shall coordinate using the VCCS call.

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