Smoke or fire in the cockpit


  • high stress level in the cockpit

  • shortest high-speed vector to land - nearest suitable airport

  • poor RTF or loss of RTF

  • passengers evacuation

  • RWY blocked


A -> Acknowledge S -> Separate S -> Silence I -> Inform S -> Support T -> Time

  • ask if dangerous goods on board

  • ask for number of POB

  • inform landing airport

  • offer out of wind landing if more expeditioys

  • clear RWY according to local procedures and instructions

  • keep safety strip clear

  • APP / RWY lighting system 100%

If needed, inform pilot about

  • track miles to touchdown of next suitable runway

  • availability of automatic approach low visbility procedures

  • aerodrome details as soon as possible

  • weather information of landing aerodrome