1.2: Training Management

We do things differenty when it comes to training. We’ve split the country into 3 main sets of airports:

LBWR Division

  • LBBG Burgas airport (training field)
  • LBWN Varna airport

LBSF Division

  • LBSF Sofia airport (training field)
  • LBPD Plovdiv airport
  • LBGO Gorna airport

LBSR Division

This training division is for members with S3s wishing to control a center position.

How do we run this?

Local members

We really do care. Members with OBS or S1 ratings will do their training at a LBWR airport (currently LBBG). Once they hav been termed as compitent for other positions they will be moved to the LBSF division; and able to control LBSF_TWR. When they move onto approach training they will once again move back to LBWR for approach (again LBBG_APP); when an S3 is awarded they can transfer back to LBSF to control LBSF_APP. Finally, when moving to C1 training the student will be transfered to the LBSR division for CTR mentoring.

What about visiting?

We didn’t forget you. At present, visiting controllers are allowed to control any LBWR or LBSR position (but not LBSF) which they are validated for. A visitor must have a minimum S2 with 30 hours of this rating, and control a mimimum of 5 hours per month.