LBBG - Burgas Airport

The basics

Runways 04 22
Runway heading 040 220
Length 3200M/10500ft
Prefered config DEP ARR
Deicing Stand 26 Stand 26

Deicing procedures

Before taxi, and when the temperature is above M10 but below 3 and dewpoint is below 2, the apron controller will ask all aircraft whether they require Deicing to occur. Should this be needed, the controller will taxi the aircraft to hold short of stand 26. This is at the discretion of the captain of the aircraft.

Low Visibility Procedures (LVP)

LVP is in force when RVR is equal or below 400m, but not less than 150m.

For departure operations:

Rwy 04 shall be used for take-off in LVP.

Rwy 22 may be used if wind requires.

Pilots shall be informed when LVP are in force by ATIS or Burgas TWR. Take-off in low visibility conditions is only permitted from twy A for rwy 04 and twy H for rwy 22.

In low visibility conditions taxiing permission is granted when the previous acft has reported airborne or engine shutdown